Do you want to know more about the world of college admissions? Check out The Sextant, a new monthly blog by HRA's Director of College Counseling Ben Rous. In this ongoing conversation about the college admission process, Mr. Rous will try to find truths (or at least, ideas worth considering!) about the world of college admissions.

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  • The Carpenter and the Gardener

    Carpentry is about control:  the carpenter uses a blueprint, faithfully follows it using the prescribed tools, and produces exactly what she intended.  Gardening is about reaction and resilience:  a gardener controls precious little during the time it takes for a seedlings to grow into a finished product.  Based on temperature fluctuations, moisture levels, hungry animals, and other factors, the gardener must embrace flexibility.
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  • The Facebook Paradox

    There are lots of reasons to get off Facebook. It’s clear that users’ personal information and data have been handled irresponsibly, and there are a growing number of studies suggesting that chronic users are less happy than abstainers.  There is also credible evidence that employers and college admissions officers have used Facebook to help them vet applicants. (Cue the outraged teenage keening, why’d you read that?!  It’s private!)
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  • The Lessons of History

    Imagine that you are French; you speak it, eat it, live it. And then, one day, you’re not. You’re now German.

    That’s what happened to the inhabitants of the Alsace-Lorraine region of (now) France as a result of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. France’s defeat at the hands of the Prussians meant that France had to cede the territory to Prussia, the final piece of the puzzle that formed the new German Empire.
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  • “Choices, Choices…”

    I always find that the most stress seniors and their families seem to feel at this point in their process is over the one thing they can’t control—the admissions decision. Which is too bad, because there are actually three decisions to be made in this process:

    1. Where do I want to apply? (the student)
    2. The admission decision. (the college)
    3. Where do I want to attend? (the student)
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  • Welcome to the Jungle

    Welcome to an ongoing conversation about college admissions.  I will be regularly posting thoughts on the subject, and in keeping with the nautical theme of our school, I’m calling it The Sextant (though I could be convinced to change it if I hear a better suggestion!); I figured that, as a sextant is a tool used to navigate, so too might this blog be a useful tool for students and parents to navigate the college admission landscape.
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