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Enrollment and Deposit FAQ and Quick Links

HRA's Office of Admission continues to simplify the continuous enrollment status! Only one simple step must be completed by March 1 to keep your child’s enrollment agreement current. 

In an effort to help answer some very common questions about enrollment at HRA, we have put together the following information. 


List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the enrollment process each year?

    When a family enters HRA, they sign a perpetual enrollment agreement. This agreement is in place for as long as the student is enrolled at HRA or graduates. The agreement guarantees your child a place at the school for each year and helps HRA plan for teachers and classes for the upcoming school year. 
  • Q. Am I required to sign anything to say I want to return?

    No, the perpetual agreement eliminates the unnecessary paperwork and signatures to keep your student enrolled at HRA.
  • Q. Will I be required to do anything to keep my child enrolled?

    Yes, HRA requires a deposit be paid by March 1 each year. Deposits are applied to NEXT YEAR’S tuition and will keep your enrollment agreement from lapsing and hold your seat annually.
  • Q. How much is my deposit?

    Deposit amounts are as follows:

    Pre-Kindergarten / Junior Kindergarten - $975
    Lower School (K – Grade 4) - $1200
    Middle School (Grade 5 – Grade 8) - $1500
    Upper School (Grade 9 – Grade 12) - $1700
  • Q. What is included in the tuition adjustment for 2020-21?

    Tuition adjustments occur annually, with increases necessary to cover faculty and staff salaries and rising benefit costs.  For 2020-21, a modest amount has been added as well, to be able to offer a dining program to all students.  We are so pleased to be able to enhance the HRA program with healthy and varied lunches for all, and at a significant savings over previous lunch plans - a true value to your family in both time and money spent on lunch preparation!
  • Q. How do I make my deposit?

    Deposits can be delivered or mailed to HRA’s Office of Admission:

    HRA Office of Admission
    739 Academy Lane
    Newport News, VA 23602

    Pre labeled envelopes are available in your Division Office for your convenience

    Unfortunately, HRA is unable to accept credit cards for deposits.
  • Q. What grades are eligible to receive financial assistance? 

    Financial Assistance is available for students entering Grade 5 through Grade 12. 
  • Q. How do I apply for financial assistance? 

    HRA uses a third party vendor to process all the financial assistance applications. There is a link on the HRA website or you may simply go to
  • Q. Is there a fee to apply for financial assistance?

    Yes, the $45 fee to apply for financial assistance is collected by FAST. It is paid directly to FAST when you submit your application.
  • Q. Will I receive a bill for the deposit?

    No, the Enrollment Information links on this page will serve as a notice of the deposit due for your student. HRA will automatically apply the correct deposit fee to the student account on February 1. The payment is due by March 1.
  • Q. Is the deposit refundable?

    No, the deposit is a non-refundable deposit but is applied toward the tuition for the next school year.
  • Q. What happens if I forget or do not pay my deposit? 

    In order to keep your enrollment contract current, you must deposit for the following year by March 1.  After that date, a late fee of $250 is applied and your seat is deemed “available” to new students until the deposit is paid.
  • Q. What if I know now my child will not be returning next fall?

    Since the Enrollment Agreement is perpetual, simply inform the HRA Office of Admission of your intent to not return in the fall before March 1. HRA will need a request in writing to cease the Enrollment Agreement via either e-mail or USPS. The enrollment deposit will be removed from your student account and you will not be responsible for tuition for the fall.

    However, please know we hope this does not happen!
  • Q. What happens if I decide to not return to HRA after March 1?

    We understand that life happens, jobs change and moves may be imminent. A family may still inform the Admission Office in writing of the intent to not return before June 1. The family will forfeit the non-refundable deposit but will not be obligated for the remaining tuition and fees for the next school year.
  • Q. What are my obligations if I decide my child will not be returning to HRA after June 1?

    If your family decides to not return after the June 1 deadline, your family will be obligated for the full tuition and fees associated with the new school year. This financial obligation must be paid before the school will release final grades, records or transcripts to the new school you will be attending. 
  • Q. What if I know there is chance my child may or may not be returning due to circumstances out of my control?

    Simply, inform either Rebecca Bresee or Ron DeChirico to discuss your situation. In most cases an extension will be granted without additional penalty or obligation. 

    Director of Enrollment - Rebecca Bresee 757.884.9146 
    Director of Finance and Operations - Ron DeChirico 757.884.9152
  • Q. What if I am just confused?

    Please contact us – we are happy to help!

    Director of Enrollment - Rebecca Bresee 757.884.9146
    Director of Finance and Operations - Ron DeChirico 757.884.9152
    Student Billing - Katie Gunderson 757.884.9153

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