Fifteen seniors Inducted into the Hampton Roads Academy Cum Laude Society

The Cum Laude Society honors superior academic achievement at select, mostly independent, schools; HRA is one of only 16 schools in Virginia to have been awarded a Cum Laude charter. Members represent the top 20 percent of their graduating class, and in a class of 74 students, this is a distinctive honor.
An afternoon induction ceremony on March 19, held in front of the Upper School student body and invited guests, included a presentation of the new inductees by current members, as well as thoughtful remarks by Wilson Waddill, a Cum Laude member from the Class of 2012 and Davidson College graduate, who is currently a third-grade teacher at an independent school in New York City. Waddill used his own experiences to illustrate the advantages of an HRA education when heading out into the world.

The ceremony was followed by a lunch reception for inductees and invited guests in HRA's Phillips Commons.

Selection based on GPA through Junior Year:
Olivia Basco
Thomas Blanchard
Cassondra Davies
Carey Hutchens
Ryan Post
Xie Chenling
Zheng Jihan

Selection based on GPA through 1st Semester Senior Year:
Jasmine Colson
Nathan Hoege
Alex Kitay
Ethan Kutner
Sean O’Connor
Sarah Teagle
Lian Yousef
Zhang Ningxin