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Memory Portraits Project 2020: Venezuela

Seven National Art Honor Society members illustrated meaningful portraits of children from orphanages in Venezuela last spring. Members Almony Ge '20, Ethan Hopson '21, Logan Culp '21, Kaitlin Morina '21, Hannah Klich '22, Lily Flannery '22 and Matteo Stossi '22 created the illustrations. Colored pencil and chalk pastel were used to develop the features in the face of each child. Each artist added personal touches in style and background details.

The National Art Honor Society provides a fifteen-dollar fee for the handling and delivery of each portrait. A portion of that fee helps to provide school supplies and when possible, clothing and toiletries for the children. We received a letter from the Memory Project team stating that funds raised by all participating school were very helpful. “Finally, please know that as part of this project you helped to provide $3,200 in educational sponsorship for the children. That is a substantial amount of support for all of us to provide together, along with these very heartfelt portraits.”

When our portraits were received by the Memory Project Staff, I received the following message from founder and director, Ben Schumaker.

“Wow! Thank you so much, Christine! These portraits are absolutely wonderful! We so appreciate everything that you did to finish this project in such difficult circumstances. It will be a while before the kids can receive these gifts, but they will be so happy when that day comes. I wish you all the best in the meantime, and we will stay in touch!”

Even with the limitations of our virtual school from March -May 2020, these artists persevered and fulfilled their obligations. They followed through to create compassion in action, as the Memory Project mission states. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our talent in this service. Please congratulate the seven fore-mentioned artists on a job well done!