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Middle School Band meets with the Four Tops Leader Singer Alex Morris

HRA's Middle School Band students held a Zoom video call with lead singer Alex Morris of the Motown band the Four Tops on February 17th. 
For Black History Month, HRA Band students selected their favorite songs from a list of 40 black artists. Throughout the month, they each progressively narrowed down their favorite artists to one, and wrote a paper which included a biography of the artist or band, thoughts on their contribution to music, culture, and society as a whole, and what about that particular artist or group made them their first choice. 

HRA’s Band Teacher, Curtis Brown said, “It's been extremely fruitful watching them expand their music appreciation from what they typically hear on the radio and start broadening their horizons, putting quality in their ears.”  

Many of these students included the Four Tops as one of their top five favorite bands, with a couple of them selecting the band as their number one choice. Mr. Brown has played with the Four Tops several times which has led to a strong relationship with the band. Accordingly, Mr. Brown reached out to let Alex Morris know that his life's work is having an impact on middle school students here in Hampton Roads, VA.  In reply, Mr. Morris offered to talk with the band by Zoom.

In the call, Mr. Morris shared his thoughts and experiences about life in the music industry, and the Motown Sound, with band students from the fifth through eighth grades in a lively and engaging conversation.  Mr. Brown expressed his gratitude to Mr. Morris for his interest in reaching out to a new generation of music enthusiasts with inspiration and encouragement.