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2021-22 Tri-M Induction Ceremony

Catherine Chang '23
The Tri-M induction ceremony took place in the Anne Douglas Spencer Commons on October 26th, 2021.
The induction opened with all members and inductees filing into the Commons; the fifteen Tri-M inductees included Josephine Chang, Leya Baalbaki, Ayesha Das, CJ Erwin, Erica Feng, Ella Hensley, Rocson LaRocco, Rachel Lowekamp, Hannah Mead, Sarah Mead, Jah’Mela Pearson, Sabrina Post, Caroline Rous, Lyra Swaddle, and Eric Wei. With the chorus students leading, both new and old Tri-M members stood to sing the National Anthem, along with the audience. After a formal ceremony including the induction process, a pledge by all Tri-M members, and statements made by each Tri-M officer, a recital was performed by inductees and continuing members. The program began with Sarah Mead singing “Broadway Here I Come” as a Soprano, and concluded with the strings performing “Libertango.” Mr. Mertz and Mrs. Baust were presented with honorary memberships for their contributions to the performing arts department. The Tri-M ceremony was a blast for both the audience and the performers.