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Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight #4

Chelsea Erwin '23
Science is a wonder to the world that heavily influences my day to day life. I love involving myself in any scientific course available, from biology in freshman year and human anatomy and physiology in sophomore year, it follows throughout my high school life. A common factor between these courses is that they were taught by the magnificent Dr. G herself. 
Obviously when I heard about Research Methods that was going to be taught by Dr.G, I was all in. Not only exploring a section of academics I enjoy, but also working on skills that I need developed like research paper writing or APA formatting, the class opened up so many opportunities for learning. 

The course is a perfect blend between practical education and independent investment. I have learned laboratory skills with PCR and Gel Electrophoresis, precise pipetting, plating and cultures, and have written multiple research papers which are skills I will bring with me into college. 

With writing research papers, we have extensively read and educated ourselves on the topics of vaccines, marijuana, and gene editing (specifically CRISPR) which have opened my eyes to current trends and issues on ethical and scientific dilemmas that are currently plaguing our modern world. 

Within the independent investment, currently we are creating our independent papers and scientific posters that encompass our distinct research topics. My own is on micro-plastics and nano-plastic pollution in our everyday environment. Through my research, I have developed an at-home method for checking any water source for micro-plastics that should create an important step for attaining a more sustainable future. Hopefully through this there can be more awareness brought to the public’s attention that can help solve the issue of this growing threat.