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43rd Noodle Night hosts more than 300

A HUGE THANK you to all the community who attended the 43rd Annual Noodle Night!   Our one night Italian ristorante was attended by more than 300 diners to help raise money for prom.  
Thank you to the sophomore parents who baked lasagna and desserts and helped set-up, serve and clean-up. Also, we'd like to thank the committee leaders:
Decorations: Rouzie Family (and the Lower School Children), Lasagna: Revere Family, Salad, Bread, Drinks and Raffle Table: David, Ferrare, Hensley and Reid Families, Wine Room: Audeh Family, Desserts: Flannery Family. Additional thanks to Mrs. Jean Logue and Mrs. Stout for their assistance with clean up. Nearly 40 raffle prizes were a hit with all ages due to the very generous donations from the Audeh, David, Ferrare, Flannery (and Pope), Hensley, Howard, Reid, Rouzie and Walters Families. Thank you so much for your generosity to the Sophomore Class! Mrs. Donavant and Mrs. Deeley want to thank all the parents and especially Mrs. Ferrare who served as contact point and coordinator for the event. We could not have been more proud of the sophomore students who hosted the event.
Click here for photos of Noodle Night Spirit Week and Noodle Night