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HRA Seniors learn how to ‘Fight Like A Girl’

HRA recently offered Annapolis Defense and Security's "Fight Like a Girl" College Prep Self Defense Program for girls in the Class of 2018.  The course focused on safety awareness, safety strategies, and defense techniques.
The four hour experience was broken into two segments, with the classroom portion focusing on the areas where college students' safety can be in jeopardy and a practical portion where specific self-defense techniques were learned. The class culminated in participants having the opportunity to fight off a would-be attacker (one of the class facilitators in a padded suit) using the techniques acquired during the day.
“I am very proud of the girls for participating,” commented program organizer and HRA Upper School Counselor Liz Rous. “There were times when we all felt vulnerable, however, the overall impact was powerful and empowering!”

“The experience was so much more than I'd expected. The instructors were so helpful, and made me feel comfortable during every phase of the class,” said a participant. “I would definitely recommend this to any person looking to learn about accountability and responsibly before heading off to college!”