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Senior Series: The Senior Project - HRA senior’s Passion for Leadership

Pursuing independent study has been a tradition for Hampton Roads Academy students. While Senior Projects are a requirement for graduation it is also an opportunity for students to learn about a subject that sparks their curiosity, passion or interest. In this Senior Series we will highlight unique, impactful and fun projects from this year’s senior class. 
A speaker at a summer conference inspired HRA senior Heather Hew’s senior project. While attending the Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy (SLCDA) sponsored by the Marine Corps, Hew was greatly impacted by a Travis Manion speaker. The Travis Manion Foundation serves to ‘empower veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations.’ Hew wanted to share the message of character development and leadership with her peers at HRA. She organized a visit from a Travis Manion Foundation representative to speak to HRA’s Upper School students.

Hew plans to continue her passion for leadership through the Williamsburg Youth Advisory Council, an organization that works with the youth of Williamsburg, connecting with them via events, tutoring for those in need, or other means