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19th Annual NAHS Juried Art Show

Recently the National Art Honor Society celebrated HRA artists and their works of art during the 19th Annual Juried Art Show held in the Stacy Philips ‘03 Fine Art Gallery. 
Below is a complete list of winners. Click here for photos of the art show.

Congratulations, students!

Honorable mention: untitled. Hongyu Ye. (Vicky)
Third Place: “Chaos “Barry Wang
Second place: “Everything isn’t Black and White” Molly Rouzie
First place: “Catharsis” Annie Zhou

Painting/Mixed Media:
Honorable Mention: “The Western Sichuan Architecture”. Zhixiang He (Victor)
Third place: “Hiss” Blake Rouzie
Second place: “Struggle” Hongyu Ye (Vicky)
First place: “Nox” Angela Pyo

Honorable Mention: “Roses for Eyes” Sophie Kovalcik
Third Place: “Istanbul” Daania Mohsin
Second place: “Hair” Campbell Hickman
First place: “The Shed” Messiah Russell

Honorable Mention: “Skyfall” Jane Phillips
Third place: “Calla Lily” Taylor Kagie
Second Place: “Polluted Waters” Vicky Stefanick
First place: “Horsehair Raku” Rory King

Third place $20. Ceramic vase “Autumn Limbs” Lindsay Kovalcik

Second place$30. Digital Photo “Wave of Emotion” Sophie Kovalcik

First place $50. Oil painting “Rain at Rush Hour” Lauren Kitay

Purchase award $125.00 . Pencil Illustration “Me” Yuxin. Almony Ge