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HRA’s annual Convocation Ceremony starts the school year

A Convocation Ceremony is an old tradition, an assembly of all of the qualified members of an independent organization marking the beginning of the year in a symbolic community gathering with a goal to further emphasize the unity of a common pursuit.
At the transition from summer to fall, for 59 years, Hampton Roads Academy students, faculty and staff members gather to begin a new school year cycle.

HRA Headmaster Peter Mertz, Board of Trustees Chair Alison Lennarz and SCA President senior Carey Hutchens addressed the Upper and Middle Schools before the start of the first day. Each spoke about HRA’s core values of Honesty, Respect and Responsibility, and the importance of making the most of their experience at HRA.

“We are Navigators - we venture into uncharted territories through willpower, intellect and character,” said SCA President senior Carey Hutchens. “Fortunately, for us, this home of ours offers everything we need to expand on our educational, athletic and social pursuits, so take advantage of every opportunity that HRA offers you.”

Convocation is also a time for Headmaster Mertz to challenge the senior class to serve as leaders and role models to younger students.

“This is your opportunity to be better role models and leaders every day,” Mr. Mertz said to the senior class. “Do it by being good friends, by trusting and being trusted, by seeking the good in others and by being worthy of their admiration through your own actions.”

Students, parents, faculty, staff and friends are part of the HRA community that was celebrated and honored today at the annual Convocation Ceremony.