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Annual Honor Council Assembly highlights HRA’s core values

There was a common theme running throughout HRA’s annual Upper School Honor Council Assembly and Middle School Honor Council Assembly speeches - the assertion that the Honor System is a commitment to HRA’s core values, making HRA the distinguished school that it is.
“Our Honor System affirms that we believe our lives are elevated by doing what is right,” stated HRA Headmaster Peter W. Mertz during the annual assembly. “When we sign the Honor Code, we state that we have chosen to be a part of a community that has a commitment to honesty, respect and responsibility.”

HRA’s Honor System, a set of standards with the purpose to preserve and promote academic integrity, includes HRA’s Honor Council, Honor Pledge, Honor Code and the school’s three core values: Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

Upper and Middle School students will sign the Honor Pledge and continue to discuss what HRA’s Honor System means to them.

“The Honor Council Assembly is an HRA tradition,” said Head of Middle School Rhonda DeChirico. “Traditions help define who we are. The Honor Council Assembly sets us on a common path toward excellence, integrity and honor.”