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HRA traveled to “Almost, Maine” during fall play

In late September, HRA’s performing arts department presented Almost, Maine written by John Cariani. Almost, Maine is a place that’s so far north it’s almost not in the United States and not quite a town because its residents never got around to getting organized. During the play the residents of this “Almost” town found themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and sometimes hilarious ways.
Director Kate Goddin selected this play because it is about important moments in people's lives where each scene depicted some significant event from the breakup of a long relationship to friends realizing they love each other.

“I wanted the students to be able to connect with the characters in a significant way, and we can all relate to hope and heartache,” said Goddin. “I was also intrigued by the playwright. His script is incredibly particular and I thought it would be a challenge to stay true to the playwright's intention while also making it our own, unique production.”

Goddin added that the most challenging part of the production was the rehearsal delay related to the school closing due to hurricane Florence. Both rehearsal schedules and performance dates were adjusted but the cast handled the changes professionally and with a positive attitude.

“They were committed to putting together a fantastic production, and I am grateful for their dedication,” noted Goddin.