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HRA Lower School coding club competes in the Wonder League Robotics Competition

The Hampton Roads Academy Lower School Coding Clubs: the Navi-Coders, a group of young ladies, and the Cool Dashing Coders, a group of young boys, are both competing in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. The competition is a series of five robot coding challenges.
This year has an underwater theme and for mission 3 the students were required to code movements for their bots that followed currents in order to rescue the treasure while avoiding the coral reefs. They have dressed up the robots to look like submarines and are working on presentations about the "artifacts" they are recovering.

In the beginning stages of mission 3 the students have to map out the track on floor and follow detailed instructions on where the currents are flowing and the placement of each of the coral reefs. The students are given creative freedom to decide any additional attachments their robot may need in this recovery mission and to add their own individualism and flair. The Cool Dashing Coders settled on Legos in their design, while the Navi-Coders’ design was still in the research phase. Each team is given an iPad for both research and the coding itself.

In addition to learning the advanced skill of coding, these missions are recorded and sent in with the students own recorded message explaining their research and development process. This allows the young coders to further develop their public speaking and analytical thinking as to why the choices they made did or did not work. Lower School Science/Technology teacher Jennifer Massengill and Lower School Spanish teacher Liza Perez supervise the club and provide assistance when needed, but this club is all about free thinking and having fun.