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Annual Independent Scientific Research Grant

The Independent Scientific Research Grant (IRSG) will be available to support Hampton Roads Academy Upper School students who are engaged in independent scientific research projects. Students must have a member of the HRA science department who is willing to mentor them and research must be conducted in one of the HRA science laboratories.

If all the funds ($250 per year) are not allocated in any one year, they will roll over to the following year, so the amount of money in the fund can increase as time progresses. For example, if only $100 is awarded during one academic year, there will be an additional $150 to add to next year’s grant.

The grant can be awarded to more than one student involved in an independent scientific research project. For example, if one student is given $100 for a piece of equipment, there is still $150 left for someone else to use for another project.

Anything purchased as a result of these grants will become the property of Hampton Roads Academy.

In order to be eligible to receive the grant, the student must write a brief description of the project and why he/she needs the grant, and the appropriate members of the faculty must approve the project and the need for funds. The request for the grant should then be given to the Dean of Faculty.

An announcement will be made in Homeroom before the independent study proposals are due. A committee, selected by the Dean of Faculty and the Head of the Science Department will select those students who will be awarded the grant.

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Annual Independent Scientific Research Grant 

For more information, please contact:

Mary Blalock 
Director of Advancement
Phone: (757) 884-9135
Email: mblalo@hra.org 

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