Rona Mound Drucker Awards

The Rona Mound Drucker Awards are presented annually in memory of Rona M. Drucker who was an advocate of establishing a primary school at Hampton Roads Academy and who served on the Hampton Roads Academy Board of Trustees for many years. Teachers nominate Lower School students who meet the award criteria:

Nominees are students who best exhibit good citizenship, a sense of cooperation, a willingness to serve, a sense of responsibility to the larger community, and who through genuine enthusiasm for school activities and active concern for the rights and feelings of other people have contributed significantly to the development of school spirit and morale.

A faculty committee selects three student to be honored each year.


(PreK-K) Sebastian Wright; (1st - 2nd) Chase Sutton;(3rd - 4th) Chloe Cone
(PreK-K) Logan Cone; (1st - 2nd) Lana Browning;(3rd - 4th) Tyler Richardson
(PreK-K) Sophia Tschida; (1st - 2nd) Ishan Hartke;(3rd - 4th) Addy Silberhorn
(PreK-K) Parker Muench; (1st - 2nd) Liam Ambrosino;(3rd - 4th) Erin Ferrare
(PreK-1st) Tej Patel; (2nd - 3rd) Matthew Eisinger; (4th) Becky Mills
(PreK-1st) Zoe Epstein; (2nd - 3rd) Molly Rouzie; (4th) Ford Silberhorn; (5th) Mackenzie Burckbuchler
(PK-1st) Jack Baust; (2nd-3rd) Anna Hohlrieder; (4th-5th) Rachel Lia
(PK-1st) Olivia Ferrare; (2nd-3rd) Angela Pyo-Lim; (4th-5th) Hanna Perry

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