About HRA's Alumni Council

All former students of Hampton Roads Academy shall be members of the Association (non-graduates will become members once their class has graduated). Honorary membership in the Association may be conferred upon others by a three-fourths vote of alumni present and voting at the annual meeting of the Association. 

The purposes of the Alumni Association are:

1. To promote and foster the spirit of fellowship and community among alumni of Hampton Roads Academy.

2. To promote and further the interests of, and interest in, Hampton Roads Academy as an educational institution.

3 To render assistance, advice and service to Hampton Roads Academy whenever needed. Specifically, this includes promoting and supporting annual alumni reunions, assisting in the recruiting of qualified applicants to Hampton Roads Academy, and rendering financial assistance to Hampton Roads Academy through the Annual Fund and other fund-raising projects.
Gray Bowditch `02, Wendy Drucker `76, Trip Ferguson `67, Courtney Elliott Gardner `85, Courtnay Buxton Gilmore `88, Sherri Lascola Gretka `81, Ken Harkavy `63, Will Ouzts `06, Birgit Reese Kingsbury `84, Tasha Young Rose `98, Mark Sarrett `79, John Stout `82 and Debbie Griffin Tanner `70.

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HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.