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Athletic Policies

Individual must be a full time student of Hampton Roads Academy and meet all eligibility requirements of the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools and the Virginia Independent School Athletic Association.
A student must have an annual physical examination by a licensed physician indicating the student is physically approved for participation in any try-out, practice or conditioning, whichever comes first.

Student-athletes at Hampton Roads Academy should place the highest priority on academic achievement. Student-athletes are expected to demonstrate the ability to participate in athletics without infringing on their academic performance. Student-athletes with early departures from the Academy are responsible for all work due on that day, and must be prepared for class on days following athletic contests. Participation in athletics does not excuse a student/athlete from class preparation.

Students accepting a position on an athletic team at Hampton Roads Academy are making a commitment to the team and coaches to be present at practices and games. Illness, major family problems, required school activities, and academics (in pre-approved cases) are the only reasons for being excused from practices and/or games. Family vacations, extracurricular activities, appointments that could be scheduled at non conflicting times, and failure to turn in physical/parent permission form are not excused absences. Unexcused absences from practices and games will result in a minimum of a suspension of game time to dismissal from the team. Excused absences from practices and games must be arranged with the coaches in advance. Athletes who participate in ‘individual’ (as opposed to ‘team’) sports, and who are involved in outside, organized activities in that same particular sport, must attend a minimum of HRA practices established by the coach, ranging from one per week to all practices, as well as attend all competitions. Athletes choosing this option are doing so with the understanding that they will be attending practices of their outside activity on days that they are not at an HRA practice.
Failure to do so will be treated the same as skipping practice. Athletes choosing this option and fail to participate in all scheduled contests for reasons not cleared by the coach and athletic director will be dismissed from the team. Finally, athletes choosing this option will be eligible to receive a varsity letter and all awards for which the coach deems they are deserving.

Proper dress, both in uniform and in other attire, as well as good grooming habits, are expected of Hampton Roads Academy athletes and support staff. When not traveling in uniform, male athletes are required to wear a collared shirt and tie, or equivalent, and female athletes are required to wear a skirt, or dress slacks to away games. (No jeans, T-shirts, or sneakers)

 Middle School - The interscholastic Middle School athletic program strives to maximize the number of student-athletes involved while maintaining a quality program. It is designed to be a competitive program while meeting the developmental needs of its participants. Coaches are instructed to make every effort to insure each eligible child gets playing time in every game. Winning is not the focus, but rather, development of players.
 Junior Varsity - Team and individual skills are honed in preparing the student-athletes for the extremely competitive varsity schedule. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach with a focus on quality playing time for all team members in as many games as possible.
 Varsity - Playing time is at the discretion of the coach with a focus on having the best team competing. Varsity selection is based on skill, maturity, and commitment of the student-athlete. Each student-athlete's skill level is re-evaluated at the beginning of each season. Playing time at the varsity level is not guaranteed. All decisions are based on what best prepares the team for season-end tournament play.

Athletes not using school provided transportation must have prior coach’s approval with the following parameters:
 Athletes driving to games must have a note signed and dated by their parents
 Athletes going home from games with their parents must have note signed and dated by their parents
 Athletes are not to ride home with other parents without a note signed and dated by their parents

Student-athletes should take pride in their equipment and facilities. Equipment should be kept clean and in working order. Help should be given in keeping the facilities neat and clean. Student-athletes will pay for equipment and/or uniforms not returned at the end of the season. Cleats are not to be worn inside the buildings at any time. The athletic training room will be used only for treatment of injuries. The athletic training room must be occupied only by those giving or receiving treatment. Student-athletes are not to be in the athletic training room or fitness room unsupervised.
All violations of team rules and expectations established by the coach of a specific team, such as curfews, absence from practices, or other rules of that nature, will be handled by the coaching staff of that team. The Academy’s administration, together with the team’s coach, will deal with any action that brings discredit to an athlete, his/her team, or Hampton Roads Academy. This includes actions which occur while athletes are under Academy-provided supervision as well as actions which occur during unsupervised times.
Student-athletes are required to abide by the Academy policy regarding alcohol and illegal drugs, which is clearly stated in this handbook. Student-athletes have pledged to refrain from activities that are detrimental to their physical fitness and well-being, and that are harmful to both them and their team. The possession/use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, or the abuse of other drugs by athletes not only breaks school rules but also local, state and federal laws. Student-athletes are reminded that time spent under the supervision of a coach, on or off-campus, is considered a school-sponsored activity. While it is not possible for coaches to oversee the actions of athletes during off-campus activities, athletes are expected to follow these guidelines and policies at all times.
Any student-athlete found to be in violation of Hampton Roads Academy’s stated policy regarding alcohol and illegal drug use or possession during school-sponsored activities, or at any time if it should bring discredit to the athlete and the school, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action from the team as well as disciplinary action from the school. Athletic policies are in effect for student-athletes from the beginning of fall practices through the final contest in June. Managers and student trainers are considered to be student-athletes and therefore must abide by the same rules.

A student-athlete found in violation of this policy will be ineligible for a minimum of six days (excluding non-practice days) of interscholastic competition. During this period of ineligibility the student is expected to practice with the team and attend games as a member of the team, but may not play. No matter when the infraction occurs, the athlete will be suspended for a minimum of one interscholastic contest, even if that contest is beyond the six-day period. The coach, athletic director and head of school will determine if additional, more severe consequences are warranted based upon the nature of the infraction in addition to any consequences imposed by the school's disciplinary policies.

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