Senior Series: The Senior Project - HRA senior makes Math fun for Middle School students

Pursuing independent study has been a tradition for Hampton Roads Academy students. While Senior Projects are a requirement for graduation it is also an opportunity for students to learn about a subject that sparks their curiosity, passion or interest. In this Senior Series we will highlight unique, impactful and fun projects from this year’s senior class.  
Senior Taylor Kagie turned her passion for math into a fun project for HRA’s Middle School students. Originally, Kagie wanted to bring awareness to Mu Alpha Theta, a math honor society for Upper School students, which she had been involved in since her junior year, by suggesting a “math scavenger hunt”. This idea quickly formed into her senior project, where she would have HRA’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students participate in this interactive “Math Scavenger Hunt”.

The scavenger hunt had two components: The “mystery” and the hunt itself. She based the mystery off of the Clue DVD board game and gave students a game sheet to aid them. The students, separated by grade, received a clue card to solve the mystery and a location puzzle that would take them somewhere in the school. Once at the location, they found a math problem that they had to solve and take back to volunteers who checked the team’s answer. There were two ways a team could win: either by going to all the locations and correctly solving the math problems or they could solve the mystery, which could be discovered before reaching the locations.

The scavenger hunt not only celebrated math and introduced Middle School students to Mu Alpha Theta but it also allowed students in different divisions an opportunity to work together and collaborate, one of the great aspects of the HRA community.