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Alumni Annual Fund Campaign Honor Roll of Donors - May 31, 2018
Below is the list of alumni donors for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Is your name on the list? Check it out!

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Class of 1961

Class of 1962

Class of 1963
Charlie Armfield
Martha (Meehan) Elgar
Hugh Exton
Ken Harkavy
Mary Henley (Hankins) Thompson

Class of 1964
Alex  Bivins
Gay (Carpenter) Huffman
Dick Lee
John Morgan

Class of 1965
Roger Dick
John Disosway
Anne Fitzhugh
Bill  Greene
Mert  Heimstead
Richard Joyce
Judy (Moorman) Kator
Suzy (Hurlbut)Speare

Class of 1966
David Blount
James Scott

Class of 1967
Jim  Avery
Nancye (Penrose) Britton
Trip Ferguson
John Hastings
Anne (Donaldson) Henry
Tommy Meehan
Gina (Fitzhugh) Wilson
Class of 1968
Helen (Orphanidys) Arnold
Brad Carmines
Allen Tanner
Robert Van Arsdale

Class of 1969
Barry Coombs
Gaye (Mitchell) Deal
John  Deal
Joe Johnson
Lucy Ann Jones
Bert Kelly
Jimmy Lee
George Mirmelstein

Class of 1970
Saxon Holt
Mary (McChesney) Holt
Ed  Millner

Valerie Jill (Postman) Podet
Debbie (Griffin) Tanner

Class of 1971
Arthur Brown
Chip  Chappell
John Donne
Bertie Fife
Brad  Guerrant
Thad Shelly
Kathy Trimpi
Howard Waters

Class of 1972
David Blalock
Peter Bryan
Bruce Day
Sam  Fairchild
Doug Faris
David Host
Breck Ingles
Margaret (Beck) Pritchard
Jean Ann (Mirmelstein) Wensell
Harriet (Heldenfels) Yake

Class of 1973
Bootsie Hatchett
Cyndi (Swank) Van Arsdale

Class of 1974
Susan (Freeman) Bryant
John Clay
Susan (Smith) Goetz
Mark Gordon
Bill Griffin
Jay Joseph
Heath (Phillips) Mason
Leigh Morris

Class of 1975
Jeff Alexander
Ward Blalock
Virginia Davenport Gardner
Laura (Doss) Geddy
Leslie (Baldwin) Goetsch
Debbie (Politi) Hudacek
Tara (Inloes) Joseph
Marsha (Lockwood) Zanks

Class of 1976
Beth (Tanner) Burrus
Wendy Drucker
Lisa (Nachman) Kaufman

Class of 1977
Shannon (Yevak) Leskin
David Mumford
Bill Shelly
Dwight West

Class of 1978
Susanne (Dawson) Swain

Class of 1979
Joe Barron
Cathy (Harris) Helms
Heidi (Hansen) McCrory
Scott Naurath
John Odell
Mark Sarrett
Hagen Saville
Stuart Wash

Class of 1980
Clark Baldwin
Laura Bateman
Chip Harris
Suzanne (Barrs) Roski
Tripp Spencer

Class of 1981
Andrew Buck
Beth (Odell) Dunn
Sherri (Lascola) Gretka
Ashley (Steele) Nutley
Ray Suttle

Class of 1982
Clay Amott
Ned  Fitz-Patrick
Willy  Fluharty
Kenny Jenkins
Richard Macon
John Stout

Class of 1983
Elizabeth (Cross) Foxx
Zena Mageras
Kathy (Ferguson) Rexroad
Mark Short
Christy Thomas
Brooke (Garrett) Tiller
Keith Vander Vennet
Tommy Yevak

Class of 1984
David Atkinson
Sharon (Putnam) Baldwin
Saunders (Buxton) Barnes
Jeffrey Divack
Tommy Fass
Lizzie Fluharty
Chris Hager
Stuart Hallett
Birgit (Reese) Kingsbury
Kim (Payne) Macon
Henry Prillaman
Rick Robins

Class of 1985
Shawen (Kane) Bartol
Courtney (Elliott) Gardner
Kevin Gremer
Ned Spencer

Class of 1986
Matthew Fass
Betsy (Roberson) Gibson
Daniel Shaye

Class of 1987
Michelle (Wesley) Harold
Barclay Shepard
Ken Tankersley
Sheri Thomas

Class of 1988
Henly (Dawson) Deutsch
Jennifer (Freed) Hall
Class of 1989
Billy Carpenter
Lindsay (Gaskins) Higgins
Charles Wentworth
Jennifer (Face) Winters

Class of 1990
Sara (Knowles) Amott
Tadd Chessen
Ben Hill
Jenny Kitchen

Class of 1991
Selene Gorman-Rose
Michele Poole
Class of 1992
Jessica Griffith
Allison (Parks) Hale
Kevin Hutchens
Teshia Judkins
Timothy  Kapalka
Robbie Lanier
Jennifer Leong
Anne  Todd

Class of 1993
Mike Hall
Mary Beth (Anderson) Sherwin
George  Smith

Class of 1994

Class of 1995
Kimi (Burch) Dornan
Courtney Green
Josh Harris
Matt Lockhart
Zack Wittkamp

Class of 1996
Doug  Banks
Sara (Anderson) Huddleston
Joanna (Talbott) Merritt
Will Parks
Allie (Lee) Wittkamp

Class of 1997
Earon Rein

Class of 1998
Chris Beal
Justin Green
Lauren (McDermott) Hopkins
Charles Hutchens
Kingsley McAdam
John  Morgan

Tasha (Young) Rose

Class of 1999
Catie (Hankins) Ashe
Scott Ashe
Brandon Francis
Bennett  Moore

What Alumni Say About Giving Back

“I want to give back to the school that gave to me.”

“Because I can see in the updates in the school since I have graduated that my donation is contributing to wonderful progress.”

“To support the same arts programs that changed my life forever, and in the hope that the fund will help continue the development of HRA's arts programs.”

“I've only had one year to give but I do believe it helps the school that made me who I am today.”

“I do every year.”

“Give back to my school that helped me so much.”

“I want to give back to the school that helped me get here.”
Class of 2000
Baker Glasgow
Kita (Schmidt) McCord

Class of 2001
Stephen Adams
Chase Huffman
Jen (Tessino) Nielsen
Erin (McDermott) White
Matthew Wilson
Class of 2002
Zach Hill

Class of 2003
Ben Joseph
Chris Maser
Cary  Mitchell
Rebecca (Hatchett) Ostrye
Caroline (Hammond) Varga
Lauren  Williamson
Bryan Witt

Class of 2004
Adam Garrett
Derek Hafley
Thomas Herbert

Class of 2005
Dave Coleman
Catherine Cotrupi

Class of 2006
Airen Adamonis
Julie Hatchett
Scott Herbert
Dan  Joseph
Roland Outlaw
William Ouzts
Curtis Read

Class of 2007
Marcus  Cooper
Lindsay  Ferguson
Brigham Wall Kaiser
Tyler (Branscome) Walinsky

Class of 2008

Class of 2009
Nora Blalock

Class of 2010
Whitney Shephard

Class of 2011
Brian Fuller
Caitlyn Unsworth

Class of 2012
Marshall  Bagley
Morgan Blalock
Marnie Blalock
Jack Geddy
Lauren Gessner
Shannon Schaubach
Megan Shuford
Harrison Suttle

Class of 2013
Rachel Hirsch
Taylor Lawson

Class of 2014
Carolina Gomez Grimaldi
Tess Lawson

Class of 2015
Ryan Andersen
Claudia Arce
Peyton Baldwin
Keavy Baylor
Nathan Berelovich
Joe Caldwell
Kylie DeBoer
Kellyn DeChirico
Claudia Dockery
Conor Duffy
Maddie Ebel
Austin Ebel
Luke FitzHarris
Kathleen Fleischmann
Peyton Francum
Clara Glagola
Connor Hall
Mark Hardy
James Hicks
Evi Huang
Bruce Jackson
Yusuf Jafri
Tyler Jones
Jay Leong
Chloe Lin
Shuying Liu
Mike LoCicero
Araglin McBreen
Braden Miller
Courtney Montgomery
Ben Motter
Reuben Neff
Ben Pan
Evan Piercy
Nicole Piercy
Grace Prillaman
Joey Rento
Christian Rivera
Billy Roberts
Anna Robins
Tori Ross
Jeremy Satterwhite
Patty Schengber
Jake Scott
Taylor Shuford
Catie Slater
Sydney Smith
Jeff Stout
Sydney Suttle
Brianna Underwood
Lil Waddill
Evan Waddill
Marko Yang
Leanna Yevak
Florence Zhou
Kristin Zwicklbauer

Class of 2016
Jonathan Abkemeier
Thomas Bagley
Lindsey Bindra
Cami Bresee
Jonathan Brownbill
Miles Campbell
Sam Canavos
TJ Carlos
Troy Clark
Matthew Cockrell
Marquis Dancy
Shea Davis
Michelle Delk
Hunter Edwards
Joyce Fields
Sally Gao
Haven Gardner
Melina Gharbo
Trip Gilmore
Wyatt Gretka
Katherine Guo
Bryan Hart
Ben Hylton
Jalen Johnson
Scott Jones
Kellen Knight
Colton Koch
Trini Lara
Chris Leavey
Meghan Lee
Claire Lennarz
Rhoda Liu
Nancy Liu
Adam Mather
Tallak Meland
Cameron Miller
Jess Miller
Tom Miller
Carsen Mumford
Lann Nakamura
Ben Nochimson
Jared Norton
Zack Payne
Patrick Phillips
Choate Qiu
Korey Ricks
Kayla Rutherford
Victoria Schoenig
Sean Shang
Wilshere Tang
Caroline Thatcher
Liam Thurkettle
Tony Wang
Emily Wang
Brandon Westby
John Wieliczko
Lucinda Wu
Daphne Xu
Russell Yang

Class of 2017
Kenyon Amott
Greg Arcand
Leigha Arcand
Jackie Ardo
Stevie Ayres-Kerr
Chase Bartol
John Brooks
Caroline Brown
Liam Carr
Erin Ciccone
Jared Cronin
Leon Deng
Rhett Deverich
Scott Ferguson
Alexis Forbes
Ryan Foxx
Cameron Frazier
Carter Gilmore
Ryan Hall
Matt Hardy
Hunter Hickman
Connor Hopkins
DèVone Humphrey
Marcus Jacobs
Michael Keller
Cindy Kim
Sophie Kingsbury
Megan Leavey
Linda Li
Lawrence Liu
Michael Nachman-Adelson
Alex O'Connor
Anthony Picott
Jenny Qian
Kyara Rivera
Bella Salas
Kendall Schroder
Drew Scott
Nicole Shuford
Lane Slate
Elizabeth Stanley
Grant Stokes
Chase Suttle
Jack Teagle
Matt Tiller
CJ Trahan
Max Warren
Sam Wash
Alex White
Nick Xu
Erik Zwicklbauer

Alumni Giving Q&A

List of 5 items.

  • Q. How will my gift make a difference?

    Alumni giving provides unrestricted resources to help cover the cost of running Hampton Roads Academy. Because tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost of each student's education, HRA looks to alumni along with parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty and friends to help bridge that gap. You as Alumni have lived the HRA experience. You know firsthand the difference a HRA education makes. The Annual Fund provides immediate unrestricted funds to support the school’s highest priorities, including curriculum development, financial aid, improved technology, athletic equipment, classroom enhancements, student activities, faculty development, and all the extra support and mentoring that continues to be a part of the HRA tradition.
  • Q. Why am I being asked to give during my reunion year?

    Hampton Roads Academy depends on the generosity, enthusiasm, class camaraderie and spirit of its alumni to anchor the HRA Annual Fund.  Reunion gifts set the pace for the Annual Fund, and can help to inspire other classes through their gift to the Spirit Stick Challenge. Your class gift, along with those of other reunion classes, will have a profound impact on the school's ability to continue to offer a premier college-preparatory education. Reunion, Spirit Stick contributions will also be included in the cumulative Blue Ribbon Challenge for the 2015-16 Annual Fund. 
  • Q. How much should I give?

    Your participation matters most.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Spirit Stick Challenge and/or Blue Ribbon Challenge.  Levels of support will vary from class to class, and from person to person.  Some of those gifts will qualify the donors for membership in one of HRAs leadership giving societies. 
    Please remember, every gift - no matter the size - is meaningful to Hampton Roads Academy.  If you are not able to make a gift at one of the leadership society levels, or if you have not been a regular supporter of the HRA Annual Fund, we hope you will still consider participating and supporting your Alumni Class with the Sprit Stick Challenge and/or Blue Ribbon Challenge.
    There is Power in Participation!
  • Q. When should I make my gift?

    The Hampton Roads Academy Annual Fund year begins July 1 and ends June 30. All gifts must be received between those dates in order to be counted in the total for your Alumni Class Gift Challenge.
  • Q. How can I make my gift?

    HRA accepts cashcheckscredit cards and gifts of securities. Click here.
    You may also text "HRA" to 91999 on your mobile device.
    Gifts of cash or checks should be mailed to:  

    Hampton Roads Academy: Advancement Office 
    739 Academy Lane
    Newport News, VA 2602

School Information

739 Academy Lane
Newport News, VA 23602
P: (757) 884-9100  |  F: (757) 884-9137
HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.