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The words to the HRA Alma Mater were composed by Annye B. Burbank, a beloved English teacher who came out of retirement to serve as one of the Academy’s first faculty members. Mrs. Burbank taught at HRA from 1960-1964. The Log (HRA’s yearbook) was dedicated to “Annye B.” in 1963. The dedication notes her forty-nine years of teaching as well as her “deep personal concern for each pupil.” Her commitment to the establishment of HRA was profound and her devotion to her profession exemplary.


Words by Mrs. Annye Burbank
Music adapted by Mrs. Robin Steinberger

Muse of the stately hymn of praise.
Grant here thy inspiration
To sing our thanks for this our shrine
Where noble aspirations rise.
O lead us as we sing to praise
Our Hampton Roads Academy.
Dear God above, we seek the truth.
Infuse our souls; inspire our minds.
Each mind receptive as a page,
Records the image - dross or gold.
Spare us the dross; give us the gold
In Hampton Roads Academy.
Dear Alma Mater, Spirit Kind!
Symbol of worship, work, and play,
May you lead on from day to day,
With courage, hope, and simple faith
The generations that shall share
Our Hampton Roads Academy.

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HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.