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Portrait of a Graduate

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  • J.S. "Trip" Gilmore III '16

    “What’s it like having a secret superpower that’s invisible, misunderstood, and sometimes way too powerful?”
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  • Ben Colburn ’06

    Ben Colburn, MD ’06 learned early in life that if the opportunities you want don’t exist, it’s up to you to create them.
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  • Emily Goodson ‘03

    Intuition, education, representation and accessibility. Those are some of the ideals that Emily Goodson ‘03 has carried through her personal and professional life.
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  • Katie Oates Small ‘06

    Discovering your passion and being motivated to pursue it can often be two separate goals. Sometimes, it just takes one person to come into your life as a mentor for those goals to be realized. For Katie Oates Small ‘06, that person is HRA Chorus teacher, Robin Steinberger. 
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  • Ronald Oakley ‘68

    What does building upon a foundation look like? Both literally and academically? For Ronald Oakley ‘68, his successful Engineering and Construction (E&C) career all started because of the curriculum and mentoring at HRA. He started out as an estimator and worked his way up to Chairman of the Board and it all started at HRA.
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Hampton Roads Academy

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