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The HRA Difference

HRA Honor System

Creating a Community of Trust

Honor. At Hampton Roads Academy, it’s more than a code, more than a promise and a pledge, and far more than something we just say we have.

The Honor System at Hampton Roads Academy is the very framework by which the entire school operates and, because we intend to produce honorable adults, it starts with the very youngest student in our Lower School and reaches as high as our Head of School. 

The Honor System at Hampton Roads Academy maintains four pillars that support and encourage the development of personal accountability, intellectual maturity, creative thinking, and respect for honesty, integrity and truth.

HRA's Honor System

List of 4 items.

  • The Honor Code

    demands that community members not lie, cheat, steal or commit any dishonest act. It is the responsibility of each person to see that the code is not broken. 
  • The Honor Council

    protects, administers and enforces the honor code, protects the honor of and secures justice for students, and advises as to how to apply the code to student life within the school. 
  • The Honor Pledge

    “I pledge, on my honor, that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.”
  • The HRA Core Values

    honesty, respect and responsibility.

Hampton Roads Academy

HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.