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The HRA Difference

Strategic Plan

At Hampton Roads Academy, we believe we succeed when our students do – whether it is in the classroom, on stage, on the field or out in our community.  Our responsibility is to create an environment where every student can succeed but also learn how to fail and grow.  We must be ambitious and bold while remaining grounded in our mission of preparing students to excel intellectually, artistically, physically, and morally in higher education and life.  We must be committed to enhancing the quality of our academic programs, co-curricular programs, athletic and artistic offerings, while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for the social and emotional development of our students.  We must ensure HRA is recognized as a leader in education and student development.  Finally, we cannot be afraid to drive change, to be better for our students, faculty, families, and community.

Dynamic Program
Hampton Roads Academy prepares students for life in college and beyond by offering a comprehensive program of excellence through strong academics, athletics and supporting extracurriculars, as well as by fostering an environment of honor, integrity, service, diversity, and inclusion.  We are committed to developing curious, creative, critical thinkers and leaders who can communicate information and opinions in a concise and persuasive manner from a global perspective.  We will build upon our strong JK-12 educational program with a focus on innovation and hands-on learning.
Dynamic Program Commitments:
  • Nurture a culture of academic risk taking, innovation, and creativity to instill a love of learning throughout life.
  • Continue to support, develop, and attract an exceptional faculty and staff to promote excellence in enhancing and developing, as well as in implementing academic and extracurricular programs.
  • Focus and diversify our academic offerings to encourage exploration, creativity, and experiential learning with strong college preparation.
  • Strengthen STEM offerings and promote effective use of technology to develop digital expertise.
  • Adjust extracurricular activity opportunities to best promote well-rounded students through participation in athletics, arts, community service and other club activities, developing our students for life in college and beyond.


Engaged Community
Hampton Roads Academy promotes meaningful engagement both on campus as well as in the greater community.  By strongly connecting current and former students, faculty, staff, and families, we build lasting relationships that enhance the student experience alongside helping students develop intellectual independence.  Our off-campus partnerships provide experiential and service-learning moments that will motivate life-long commitment to contributing positively to the broader community.
Engaged Community Commitments:
  • Inspire students to embody school values as they gain the skills and experiences to become responsible global citizens.
  • Encourage faculty and staff to continue building strong interpersonal relationships with students and challenge students to explore and push boundaries both academically and beyond.
  • Continue to develop, enrich, and supplement reciprocal relationships with community partners to provide students unparalleled experiential learning opportunities.
  • Strengthen communication between the school and parents to stimulate family partnership and involvement.
  • Motivate alumni to re-connect and revitalize their relationship with the school.

Advancing our Future
Strong enrollment, generous philanthropy and prudent fiscal management are critical elements of our continued success.  Strategic stewardship of our school’s resources will ensure the long-term relevance and sustainability of Hampton Roads Academy.  To do this, we must build and nurture connections with our current families, alumni, and the greater geographic community.
Advancing our Future Commitments:
  • Develop a comprehensive enrollment management plan that includes marketing and outreach, student retention efforts, flexibility to adapt to market demand and successful student / family onboarding.
  • Develop and grow a culture of philanthropy.
  • Utilize our financial resources responsibly and strategically.
  • Seek to have a Board of Trustees that works to ensure the long-term sustainability of the school and upholds the vision, mission, and core values of Hampton Roads Academy.

Evolving our Facilities
Our campus supports 3 unique environments between our lower, middle, and upper schools and is core to meeting our student needs.  We will continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our campus, optimizing the footprint and ensuring it cultivates an environment for both teaching and learning while inspiring our students to create, innovate and work together.
Evolving our Facilities Commitments:
  • Manage and maintain our existing facilities through a robust and evolving 5-year maintenance, renovation, and upgrade plan, with an on-going commitment to funding this plan.
  • Create a long-term facility plan enabling support of the dynamic program.
  • Ensure our facilities can respond to enrollment needs.
  • Leverage tools and technology to manage and support the necessary and on-going maintenance more effectively.

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity
Hampton Roads Academy is committed to building and supporting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Preparing our students for life in college and beyond, requires diversity and inclusion to be woven throughout our curriculum, programs, policies and hiring practices.  We must demonstrate through words, actions and programs, our inclusive and compassionate environment while promoting awareness, acceptance, and diversity for the HRA community.
Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Commitments:
  • Work towards an inclusive community where everyone feels valued, accepted, protected, and safe but not necessarily comfortable.
  • Foster the development of diverse young leaders who will have the confidence to work towards excelling intellectually, artistically, physically, and morally in higher education and in life.
  • Show a commitment to hiring diversity throughout all Faculty, Staff and Trustee positions.
  • Build and teach a curriculum that speaks to diverse views and experiences.
  • Celebrate and grow a diverse student body.

Hampton Roads Academy

HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.