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Visual Arts Programs

The visual arts curriculum at Hampton Roads Academy creates an environment for all students – from the Lower to the Upper School – to stretch creatively to find solutions that extend beyond the studio. Visual arts courses provide the framework for students to take risks creating conceptual as well as emotional connections to their work. Students are given the opportunity to develop a high level of proficiency using techniques in a variety of media that ranges from traditional studio, darkroom and ceramics to digital photography.

Throughout the year, members of National Art Honor Society are given the opportunity to participate in and promote the visual arts through numerous art events both on campus and in the local community. Members contribute to and sponsor the annual Juried Art Show as well as local art festivals, art competitions, The Memory Project, large-scale projects for permanent display at HRA and activities for Lower School students. Membership is based on Art Scholarship, service and character.

Upper School

The visual arts courses in the Upper School are all semester-length classes with the exception of Honors and Advanced Placement Studio Art courses, which are year-long classes. The program focuses on the elements and principles of design in a variety of media experiences.  Students have the opportunity to choose from a range of sequential courses in the studios as well as the ceramics and Mac labs. Throughout the curriculum, in addition to the development and production of their work, students are actively involved in the processes of art criticism, historical inquiry, and aesthetic discrimination. Students are encouraged to make connections to historical as well as contemporary artists. Throughout the curriculum they are challenged to develop personal means of expression and to solve design problems with originality.

Middle School

The Middle School art program is offered to students in grades five through eight, teaching them a variety of concepts based on the elements and principles of art. The art curriculum draws inspiration from social studies in grades five through seven. Students learn about art in different civilizations, cultures and countries, and they apply that knowledge to several art projects. They not only learn how art is created, they learn why. The middle school art curriculum also prepares students for Upper School courses that will be available to them in the ninth grade including: Studio, Photography, and Ceramics classes.

Lower School

Lower School artists actively engage in the creative process in the art room through the use of various materials that are age appropriate for the young child. Students understand and apply media, techniques and processes as they develop an understanding for the visual arts as it relates to history and cultures. The Lower School art program aims to make connections between the visual arts and other academic disciplines. The program is designed to engage the imagination of students, promote the creative process and develop an appreciation of the visual arts.


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