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HRA Introduces New Hands-On Experiences to the Classroom

Hands-on learning is essential to a child’s education as it provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills as well as encourage children to ask questions and make their own discoveries. This is particularly important in science. Our science department is continuously looking for opportunities to introduce hands-on experiences to the everyday classroom education. Recently Dr. Gendreau (Science Faculty) and Ms. DeBoer (Director of Education Technology) applied for a federal grant to cover a variety of equipment used currently in most universities to copy, amplify, and detect DNA sequences in a variety of samples.
These tools will now be accessible to science students in regular and advanced biology courses. Dr. Gendreau says “It is so exciting; many students don’t have an opportunity to use most of these techniques until they are in college because it is too expensive to buy the equipment.” The science department hopes to increase interest in biological research among high school students and perhaps inspire students to conduct their own independent research studies.