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Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight

Emma Krzyzanowski '24
I started expressing an interest in science while in middle school and continued to explore it throughout high school. It quickly became my favorite class and something that I wanted to learn more about. I loved how I was able to learn through hands-on experiments and that there was still so much to explore within the science community.
I wanted to learn more about the research side of science, so I decided to take the Research Methods class. It opened my eyes to a world of questions, experiments, and most importantly, what I wanted to pursue in college.

All of the labs using bacteria excited me, which ultimately influenced what I did for my independent project in the second semester. I researched bacteria’s antibiotic resistance to tetracycline. I grew bacteria in plates containing the antibiotic and then analyzed how it impacted the growth. The samples then underwent gel-electrophoresis to further see how the antibiotics affected the samples.

I am currently expanding the research by performing a Kirby-Bauer test to analyze its response to a variety of antibiotics and hope to publish it! Through this research, I realized that microbiology is what I want to study. As of now, I plan to major in biology and then obtain my MD/Ph. D in the future!