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College counseling at Hampton Roads Academy begins, in essence, the moment a family chooses to enroll their child at the Academy. As a college preparatory school, the curriculum is structured in order to prepare all students for success at the college or university they ultimately choose.

The College Counseling Office works with students and their families to guide them through the college search and application process. This process begins in the ninth grade as faculty advisors work with students in planning appropriate courses. Advisors also work with students as they learn to balance academics with a range of extra-curricular activities and athletics. College Counselors meet with students and host periodic parent information sessions throughout the ninth and tenth grade years. Formal college counseling begins in the junior year when students and their parents attend the annual College Night program where families are introduced to the process and the year ahead. Each junior and his or her parents have an individual meeting with a college counselor early in the spring semester to create an initial list of colleges. Over the next year and a half, students and parents continue to work closely with the college counseling staff from the first meeting through graduation. The college counselors serve as resources, guides, and advocates for students and families as they navigate the process of investigating colleges and universities, applying to schools, and making the final decision of where to attend.
The HRA College Board Code

(for use on standardized test and other application information)

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Family Connection provides access to information about colleges and universities nationwide, as well as information of specific interest to HRA students. View our college search resources, the college representative visit schedule, and much more.

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Standardized Test Programs

No matter the style or structure of the test prep approach, if students don’t engage it then its usefulness is compromised.  Some students are self-directed enough that they can buy a test prep book or work on line and be successful on their own self-guided path.  Other students require more structure in their approach.  Still other students need to have an instructor if front of them.  All of these methods can work, depending on the student.

Riverstone Learning Center
Hampton Roads Academy is a proud member of  NACAC, PCACAC, and ACCIS.
Hampton Roads Academy is a proud member of the Cum Laude Society.

Cum Laude Society Mission statement: The Cum Laude Society recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence (Areté), justice (Diké) and honor (Timé).

Cum Laude Society History/Statistics: The founders of the society modeled Cum Laude after Phi Beta Kappa. Since its founding in 1906, Cum Laude has grown to 382 chapters, approximately two dozen of which are located in public schools and the rest in Independent schools. Membership is predominantly in the United States, but chapters also are located in Canada, England, France, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Some 4,000 new student members are inducted annually. HRA's chapter was chartered in April 1971.
Source: http://cumlaudesociety.org/

College Counseling Staff

List of 4 members.

  • Benjamin Rous 

    Director of College Counseling/US English
  • Elizabeth Hollingsworth 

    College Counselor/US Science
    757-884-9170 ext. 607
  • Danielle Keene 

    College Counselor/English Department Chair/Eighth Grade English Teacher/Residential Program Advisor
  • Kim Davis 

    College Counseling Administrative Assistant/Registrar

College Counseling Blog: The Sextant

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  • Welcome to the Jungle

    Welcome to an ongoing conversation about college admissions.  I will be regularly posting thoughts on the subject, and in keeping with the nautical theme of our school, I’m calling it The Sextant (though I could be convinced to change it if I hear a better suggestion!); I figured that, as a sextant is a tool used to navigate, so too might this blog be a useful tool for students and parents to navigate the college admission landscape.  
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