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Recent Graduate College Athletes

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  • Baseball

    Liam Car ‘17 
    Lynchburg College  

    Bruce Jackson '15
    The Citadel

    Henry Hill '13
    Old Dominion University

    Brian Vincent '12
    University Mary Washington

    Jacob Ramey '11
    Longwood University

    Winston Davis '10
    Ferrum College

    David Otey '10
    Christopher Newport University

    Garrison Sarrett ‘08         
    College of William & Mary
  • Cheerleading

    Audrey Chitty ‘08 
    Christopher Newport University

    Megan Nagle ‘06 
    Christopher Newport University

    David Watlington '14
    Rice University
  • Equestrian

    Emma Fass ’14
    University of Virginia

    Lucy Smith '13
    Hollins University

    Alison Edwards ‘07 
    Bridgewater College

    Lindsay Ferguson ‘07 
    Bridgewater College

    Megan Shuford ’12
    Sweet Briar College

  • Field Hockey

    Grace Bowen ‘14
    Washington & Lee University

    Drew Lustig ‘14
    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Anne Waverly Spencer ‘14
    American University

    Lauren Gessner '12
    Dickinson College

    Mara Kish '09
    Lafayette College

    Tiffany Shifflett ‘06 
    Ball State University 

    Julie Hatchett ‘06 
    Columbia University

    Rebecca Hatchett ‘03 
    Washington and Lee University

    Jane Garnet Ishon '01
    Davidson College
  • Football

    Devone Humphrey ‘17 
    Virginia Military Institute

    Scott Jones '16
    Duke University

    Korey Ricks '16
    Hampton University

    Kinge Ndanga ‘15
    Westminster College

    Quincy Mock ‘14
    Bluefield College

    Tyler Rose ‘14
    Emory & Henry College

    Marshall Bagley '12
    Hampden-Sydney College

    Justin DeChirico '11
    Hampden-Sydney College

    Will Banning '11
    Hampden-Sydney College

    Jeff Nagle ‘06 
    Randolph Macon College

    Melvin Ferebee ‘05 
    College of William and Mary

    Ryan MacDowell ‘05 
    Massachusetts Institute Technology
  • Men's Basketball

    Cam Frazier ‘17
    Thomas College

    Anthony Picott ‘17
    Northwest Kansas Technical College

    Bryan Hart '16
    Lincoln Memorial University

    KJ Steinthorsson '13
    Southwest Baptist University

    Tre Swinton '12
    Ferrum College

    Ted Wang '09
    Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

    Lucas Pervan ‘08 
    Dawson Community College

    James Spencer ‘07
    Liberty University

    Thorsteinn Sverrisson ’06 
    Hancock College

    Michael Kirkpatrick '02
    University of San Diego
  • Men's Crew

    Eric Imhof ‘07
    University of Virginia
  • Men's Lacrosse

    James Hicks ’15
    Christopher Newport University

    Ayden Canavos
    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Chase Worley ’14
    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Andrew Carpenter '12
    Salisbury University

    Andrew Maser '11
    Hampden-Sydney College

    Samson Canavos '10
    Hampden-Sydney College

    Dan Hofmeister '02
    Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Men's Sailing

    Chris Behm ‘04 
    Georgetown University

    Trip Behm '00
    College of Charleston
  • Men's Soccer

    Billy Roberts '15
    Yale University

    Jeremy Satterwhite '15
    Longwood University

    Daniel Yu '05 
    US Military Academy

    George Nagle '02
    Appalachian State University

    Ryan Rich '01
    Princeton Universtiy

    David Yu '00
    US Military Academy
  • Men's Swimming

    Carsen Mumford '16
    Mary Washington University

    Jared Norton '16
    University of Virginia

    Zach Payne '16
    Marymount University

    Joey Rento ’15
    College of William & Mary

    Will Arcand ’14
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Reed Perry ’14
    Franklin and Marshall College

    Ari Snyder ’14
    Davidson University

    Geoff Marston '13
    University South Carolina

    Alex Masters '11
    University of Alabama

    Evan Rutherford '09
    Auburn University

    Greg Bird ‘08 
    Old Dominion University

    Mitchell Finch ‘08 
    College of William & Mary

    Brian Landry ‘08 
    University of Maine

    Scott Madaras ‘07 
    University of Denver

    Tom Lesnick ‘05 
    Emory University
  • Men's Tennis

    Harrison Suttle '12
    College of Wooster 

    Zach Braig '11
    College of William and Mary

    Brad Corbin ‘05 
    Amherst College

    Jason Dunn ‘05 
    University Mary Washington
  • Men's Track

    Jack Teagle ‘17
    Washington and Lee University

    Jonathan Underwood '12
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Softball

    Anne Saville ‘09
    Emory & Henry University
  • Women's Basketball

    Braysia Hicks ‘14
    Towson University

    Caitlyn Unsworth '11
    Columbia University

    Jocelyn Spencer ‘08 
    Virginia Wesleyan College

    Sarah Otey ‘03
    Washington and Lee University
  • Women's Crew

    Katharine Waterman ‘05
    Harvard University
  • Women's Cross Country

    Megan Gretka '09
    Longwood University
  • Women's Soccer

    Catie Slater ‘15
    Wofford College 

    Annie Yu ‘09
    College of William and Mary

    Erika Dietz ‘05 
    Ohio University

    Marilee Mastaler ‘05 
    Old Dominion University

    Maddy Minnis ‘03 
    University of Colorado, Boulder

    Natalie Myers ‘03 
    Washington College

    Emily Behncke '02
    Princeton University
  • Women's Swimming

    Victoria Shoenig '16
    Case Western Reserve University

    Caroline Thatcher '16
    Old Dominion University

    Peyton Baldwin '15 
    University of Virginia

    Nicole Piercy '15
    University of Richmond

    Linnea Patterson ‘14
    Bowdoin College

    Nicole Rento '11
    Brown University

    Tyler Branscome ‘07 
    Wellesley College

    Kerry Douglas ‘07 
    James Madison University

    Kim Lesnick ‘06 
    Vanderbilt University

    Kim Lewis ‘06 
    Denison University

    Chelsea Finch ‘03 
    College of William and Mary

    Nathalie Griffith '00
    University of California - Berkeley
  • Women's Tennis

    Joyce Fields '16
    Eckerd College

    Wiktoria Plawska ’14
    Lewis & Clark College

    Maureen Slattery '13
    University of Denver

    Shelby Harris '12
    Mary Washington University

    Suzanne Edwards ‘07 
    Longwood University

    Frannie Shivar ‘04 
    Christopher Newport University

    Jennifer Edwards ‘03 
    Longwood University

    Caroline Hammond ‘03 
    University of Virginia
  • Women's Track

    Maia Semmes ‘17
    Widener University

    Fredreyonia Johnson ‘14
    Lynchburg College

    Emmy Fraenk '10
    Hampton University
  • Women's Volleyball

    Kellyn DeChirico '15
    Christopher Newport University

    Rebecca Schell '13
    City University of New York

    Gwen Buckley ‘04 
    Washington College

Athletic Conferences

Listed below are the athletic conferences that our recent graduates have competed in at the intercollegiate level:

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
Atlantic Ten (A-10)
Big East Conference (Big East)
Big South Conference
Big Twelve Conference (Big 12)
Capital Athletic Conference (CAC)
Colonial Athletic Conference (CAA)
Conference USA (C-USA)
East Coast Athletic Conference (ECAC)
Ivy League
Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference
Mid American Conference (MAC)
Middle Atlantic Conference
Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC)
Mountain West Conference
New England Football Conference (NEFC)
North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)
Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC)
Pacific Ten Conference (Pac 10)
Patriot League
Southern Conference
Southeastern Conference (SEC)
Sun Belt Conference
University Athletic Association (UAA)
USA South Conference
West Coast Conference (WCC)
Western Athletic Conference (WAC)

HRA celebrates college athletes

Ten Hampton Roads Academy student-athletes will continue their athletic careers at NCAA and NAIA institutions. HRA celebrated these students throughout the year with signing ceremonies and other recognitions.

“The Class of 2015 students-athletes committed to excellence both in the classroom and on the field,” said Athletic Director Max Gillespie. “We look forward to following their continued success at the college level.”

Below is a list of the HRA student-athletes, where they will attend college and the sport they will play.
  • Peyton Baldwin, University of Virginia, Women's Swimming
  • Kellyn DeChirico, Christopher Newport University, Women's Volleyball
  • James Hicks, Christopher Newport University, Men's Lacrosse
  • Bruce Jackson, The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, Baseball
  • Kinge Ndanga, Westminster College, Football
  • Nicole Piercy, University of Richmond, Women's Swimming
  • Joey Rento, College of William & Mary, Men's Swimming
  • Billy Roberts, Yale University, Men's Soccer
  • Jeremy Satterwhite, Logwood University, Men's Soccer
  • Catie Slater, Wofford College, Women's Soccer

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