Screenagers Comes to HRA

Hampton Roads Academy Parent’s Association and Guidance Department brought the acclaimed documentary Screenagers  to HRA for two screenings in September.  
The documentary follows the Ruston family as the parents navigate the whether to give their daughter a cell phone. Drawing on research about the impact of technology on the brain, the role of technology in our private lives and in schools, and the challenge of on-line identities, Screenagers gives us all pause to think about the pros and cons of having technology at our fingertips.  The two screenings offered at HRA were attended by parents and students, with a Q &A and parent coffee following the event.   For more information about Screenagers, parent resources, and to sign up for the Screenagers weekly newsletter, go to www.screenagersmovie. comThe Parent Resource page on the HRA website also has great resources on a range of interesting topics!