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Research Opportunities

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  • Research Methods Students Learn about Bacteria

    Dr. Maribel Gendreau
    Research Methods students recently learned how bacteria can naturally take up DNA from their environment by transformation.
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  • Alexandra Gendreau '21 Attributes Research Success to HRA

    Alexandra Gendreau '21, is currently completing an internship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as part of the Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research program (CSURP).
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  • Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight #4

    Chelsea Erwin '23
    Science is a wonder to the world that heavily influences my day to day life. I love involving myself in any scientific course available, from biology in freshman year and human anatomy and physiology in sophomore year, it follows throughout my high school life. A common factor between these courses is that they were taught by the magnificent Dr. G herself. 
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  • Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight #3

    Emily Helpinstill '23
    Throughout my time as a student at Hampton Roads Academy I have been more focused
    on the humanities than other subjects like math or science. That is not to say I have not been
    interested in science, but the information I learned in biology and chemistry did not seem as fun
    compared to my English or history classes. However, when I was signing up for classes for my
    junior year, research methods sounded like the perfect class for me.
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  • Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight #2

    Faith Murray '22
    I have loved science ever since I took Dr. Gendreau’s freshman Biology class.
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  • HRA's New Research Methods Class - The Midterm Projects

    A first year offering for HRA students, the Research Methods class continues to encourage students to think outside the box and explore unfamiliar topics while discovering new interests and passions.
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  • Research Methods Course: Student Spotlight

    Erin Ferrare '22
    I have been interested in research ever since attending “Kayak Camp” as a young kid. I was fascinated as I learned how to catch animals, take water samples, and collaborate with fellow campers about the diversity of the Chesapeake Bay. As I grew older, I was able to get more hands-on research opportunities through summer programs and classes at HRA.
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  • HRA Research Methods Class

    So far, in the 2021-22 school year, HRA Upper School students have finished two units in research methods class.
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  • HRA's 2021 CNU Summer Research Fellows

    The most recent cohort of HRA's Christopher Newport University (CNU) Summer Research Fellows just completed their research projects with CNU students and faculty and were recognized in the program's "Shirting" ceremony.
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  • ODU Summer Research Assistants

    HRA students Aanya ('23) and Aarman ('23) Khayat are research assistants this summer to Old Dominion University chemistry professor Dr. Silvina Pagola. The students worked on the mechanochemical synthesis of binary and ternary chiral cocrystals with potential ferroelectric properties.
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  • HRA Brings Real-Life Scientific Research into the Classroom

    HRA students have the opportunity to learn hands-on science processes by participating in groundbreaking scientific research. Six current Upper School Navigators are part of the University of Vanderbilt’s research study, The Wolbachia Project. 
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  • HRA Junior presents work done though HRA’s CNU Summer Research Fellows

    As one of HRA’s CNU Research Fellows, Junior Alex Gendreau did research last summer in molecular cell biology with CNU faculty member Dr. David Knight and CNU Summer Scholar Susannah Garber.
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